Vietnam foresight: Application of Foresight for Planning Development Strategy for IT Teaching Human Resource in 2011-2020.

The Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology has request the support for its foresight project through Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The project is conducted by the National Economics University in Hanoi, with consulting service from the APEC Center for Technology Foresight on the methodology and some contents.

The Center has conducted a training workshop in Bangkok in April 2010 where the Vietnamese members of this project have participated. They then design the project based on the theory and practices learned at the workshop. The University has designed a set of Delphi questionnaire and asked the Center to help to guide on the further steps until scenarios are created.

The University invited Dr. Nares Damrongchai to visit the NEU during 21-22 July 2011 as a research consultant for the project. Dr. Nares gave a lecture on technology foresight to the members, advisor, and students who were working on the project, and led a one-day discussion on key research ideas and the details of the project implementation.

The project is due to be finished early next year.


Discussion with the Vietnam National Economic University Researchers